CBI calls on government to set up Business Brexit Taskforce

Confederation of British Industry (CBI) president Paul Drechsler

UK business has called on its next government to establish a Business Brexit Taskforce within the first 50 days of taking office following the country’s general election on 8 June. Confederation of British Industry (CBI) president Paul Drechsler said government must bring business on board as it opens Brexit negotiations, and warned against freezing out industry.

Addressing the CBI Annual Dinner in London last night, Mr Drechsler said: “If the benefits of working together are clear so are the dangers of the next government going it alone. Business needs a say because, even when the politics have been forgotten, we’ll have to live with the effects for decades to come… So my message to the next government whoever they may be is: you don’t need to ‘wing it’. Business has the evidence, the ideas and the solutions. If you work with us, Britain will get a better deal.”

Mr Drechsler called for a taskforce to bring together the top minds from business and government to tackle the most complex Brexit issues.

“Businesses would get the reassurance, the confidence that the next government is really listening to its concerns,” Mr Drechsler said. He added that effective collaboration between business and government has the potential to drive business energy and entrepreneurship.