Airmic appoints Claire Combes as next chair

UK risk management association Airmic has named Claire Combes as its next chair when Tracey Skinner steps down from the role on 1 September.

Ms Combes is an Airmic board member and director of risk and assurance at easyJet. Her risk management career has spanned three decades.

Ms Combes has served on the association’s board since 2016, contributing to its governance and strategy. She currently sits on Airmic’s risk steering committee and its audit committee.

Ms Combes will join Airmic’s new CEO Julia Graham, appointed in April, to drive the association forward during the next year.

“I have no doubt it will be a challenging stint as Airmic’s chair, as well as an exciting one. As a long-term Airmic member, I want to wear my heart on my sleeve to champion Airmic for the value it provides,” Ms Combes told Airmic News.

“From my existing role as chair of the risk steering committee, as a board member, as well as on the audit committee, I can see that Airmic is coming out of this difficult period very strongly, helped enormously by Julia and Tracey’s hard work and strong leadership. Our attention is now turning to how we will continue to adapt for the future,” she added.

Ms Combes thanked Ms Skinner for leading Airmic through “ a volatile and difficult period for all organisations”.

Her appointment is one of a number of changes to Airmic’s board in recent months with several new appointees.

These are Amanda Craib, global operational resilience and IT security risk control at HSBC, Richard Hoult, head of risk, audit and assurance at Thames Water, Alison Quinlivan, international risk and insurance lead at Google, and Glenn Ellis, a risk finance and insurance practitioner.

“I am delighted to welcome Claire into the role of chair and I’m looking forward to working with her during her term of office. Supported by Tracey Skinner as immediate past chairman, Tim Graham as first deputy chairman and Fiona Davidge as second deputy chairman, we have a marvellous and talented executive to help us navigate what remain some still quite ‘choppy’ times ahead,” said Ms Graham.

Airmic is still planning to hold its annual conference in person this October, but a final decision is now likely by the end of July.

Airmic previously announced that it is “cautiously planning” to hold its annual conference physically on 5-6 October, after its 2020 event went virtual following the Covid-19 pandemic.

The venue has been moved from Manchester to Brighton, where the association said it will prioritise networking opportunities and meetings.

Airmic said it is still confident its conference will go ahead, but a final decision can now be taken by the end of July rather than the previous end-of-June cutoff date. Registrations for the event would then open on 1 August.

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