Anra president De Felice says farewell after six years of growth

Alessandro De Felice, president of Italian risk and insurance management association Anra since 2015, reaches the end of his last mandate in April and steps down after a busy period in charge that has seen the association significantly expand its services.

The outgoing Anra president would normally say farewell and hand over to the new president at the association’s annual general meeting (AGM), which is usually held in central Milan in mid-April.

Because of the Covid-19 restrictions, Mr De Felice instead wrote a letter to members, partners and all those who have worked with him and supported Anra during his time in charge, thanking them for their support and reviewing progress.

“I have worked with so much enthusiasm and passion with many different people and I am proud to belong to this great family, which helped me building today’s association. I was lucky enough to meet and work with wonderful people, serious and capable professionals with a great sense of belonging to our profession… I think you can consider a project a success when you’re no longer able to recognise whether what you’re doing is a job or a pleasure!” wrote Mr De Felice.

Anra has certainly grown under Mr De Felice’s leadership, expanding its influence into educational and political circles, as well as the wider business community. It has also significantly expanded its communications effort. Since the onset of Covid-19 it has, for example, held regular high-quality webinars for members, more so than any other national association in Europe.

“The evolution of Anra in recent years has been amazing. The number of members grew fivefold, it consolidated a solid economic/financial situation, changed its headquarters, became a national recognised association, rewrote the statute and regulation, structured a proprietary and multidisciplinary professional training scheme that is internationally recognised and certified (Ferma’s Rimap), and carried out hundreds of meetings useful for professional growth. We also now have a registered newspaper with continuous publication of articles that has stimulated discussion on diversity and inclusion, and consolidated our authority in the dissemination of the culture of risk in the country,” explained Mr De Felice.

“During the last year, a period so challenging, Anra has shown great resilience in being able not only to adapt to the pandemic crisis but even to transform a potential crisis into an opportunity by multiplying, in a virtual mode, its offer for meetings and inventing a new form of associative life. All this has helped enable the risk management profession to assume the strategic role that it should have and be recognised for it,” he continued.

“I end this journey satisfied, without regrets and with the awareness that Anra has all the potential and human and professional resources to be able to look to the future with optimism and serenity, in order to contribute to the growth and support of its members. Whoever will succeed me will certainly be able to add value to Anra and will count on my support,” said Mr De Felice, who will remain available for his colleagues at the association.

The outgoing president concluded by quoting Italian engineer, politician and industrialist Adriano Olivetti: “The term utopia is the most convenient way to call something that you don’t have the desire, the ability, or the courage to do. A dream remains a dream until you start doing it, only then it becomes a purpose and something infinitely greater.”

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