Barnett Waddingham launches risk portal to help risk managers boost performance

Consultancy firm Barnett Waddingham has launched an online platform called BW Risk Portal that provides tools, templates, tips and apps to help risk managers carry out their job.

Barnett Waddingham helps organisations improve their decision-making by combining risk management and data analytics. Its new BW Risk Portal aims to facilitate this with a range of services containing almost 2,000 resources and more than 1,000 guides and documents.

“From being able to auto-generate risk committee packs and executive summaries in seconds rather than days with our risk reporting app, to having to hand a checklist for facilitating business continuity exercises, the BW Risk Portal would have saved me so much time earlier in my career and would have given me the assurance that I was following good practices tried and tested by my peers,” said Dean Hughes, head of risk advisory and analytics at Barnett Waddingham.

Hughes said that, in his experience, organisations with higher risk maturity often outperform their peers in terms of attracting and retaining talent, incident response, share price volatility, EBITDA growth and executing on strategy. But knowing what good risk maturity looks like and how to get there can be tough, he added.

“Coming up as a risk professional, finding good practice guides that weren’t outdated, too theoretical and full of jargon, or didn’t come attached to a large consulting invoice, was very difficult. This was the driver for creating the BW Risk Portal – to make good risk maturity accessible to all, both in terms of cost and comprehension, by providing free tools and practical tips from in-house practitioners and award-winning advisers,” he said.

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