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Claims Management: Property & BI

Webinar January 2021

Speakers: Mark Graves, EMEA Claims Head, Swiss Re Corporate Solutions, Raymond Hoogendoorn, Global Head of Short-Tail Claims, AGCS, Carl Leeman, Chief Risk Officer, Katoen Natie, Martin Schachtschneider, Head of Business Development, BELFOR Deutschland and Richard Sheridan, Director, Head of Corporate, Sedgwick International UK

The past year has showed us all how a single event can turn the world upside down. It also showed us the need for resilience and sustainability across all sectors, as well as revealing the importance of having insurance claims settled quickly and seamlessly.

Claims teams too had to adapt massively through the pandemic, working remotely and engaging with technology in innovative ways. This webinar took a look at both the meta-level and micro-level of claims management, discussing why risk managers should worry about the claims management team. The speakers discussed who should be the head claims manager, the challenges of modern claims recording and what can be done in advance of any claims.

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