Construction Risk Management 2022: ESG: How does the construction industry adapt to changing times?

As the world wakes up to the challenges of climate change, there is increasing demand for resilient assets. The building/construction sector generates 38% of global C02 emissions, something that has come under intense public and investor scrutiny lately. This is leading to pressure to use innovative and sustainable building materials. Meanwhile, supply chains will come under scrutiny where negative ESG traits are likely to weigh on the perceived ESG-readiness of an organisation.

This session looks at how the insurance industry views organisations which demonstrate clear ESG-related targets and measurable metrics, and asks if the insurance market is ready to offer capacity for the necessary innovation.

Sebastien Burgess, Client Solutions Architect, Jupiter Intelligence
Richard Dudley, Head of Climate, Aon
Daniel McCarthy Stott, Senior Associate, Portfolio Management and Development, Meridiam
Günter Schneider, Principal Risk Engineer/Practice Leader Construction, Zurich

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