Claims Management 2021

Adapting to new long-term risk trends

Covid-19 has radically altered long-term risk trends, with new exposures emerging from the pandemic. It has once again clearly shown the limitations of existing business interruption (BI) coverage for such intangible and systemic risks. Claims and class actions brought against insurers to try and trigger BI policies has led to high profile legal cases in the UK, US, Australia and South Africa that will have far-reaching implications for the demand and supply of BI cover. More broadly, new ways of working, changes in travel habits, altered supply chain networks and increased reputational risks have impacted established risk trends, with new exposures and increases in claims patterns.

In this three-day virtual event expert speakers discussed the impact of adapting to new long-term risk trends and explore the type of claims patterns that these new exposures may generate. It also focused on the importance of collaboration and transparency as insurers and insureds work together.

Click here to watch the on-demand recordings of each session.

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