WEBINAR: Insurance renewal in the hard market: Quality data is key

In this webinar Ventiv Technology discuss with Adam Kukuc of Reckitt how using quality data that is clean, relevant and easy to understand enables multinational organisations to provide greater communication and better efficiency.

Without quality data, you will be at the mercy of the markets and cannot present with confidence your risk profile and exposures. It will also hamper the ability of the broker or consultants to get the best terms and premiums as well, plus your ability to demonstrate any improvements or challenge the market position.

This webinar features:

  • Live demo showcasing how data is collected and analysed
  • In-depth study into companies evolving to digital collection and the rationale for this change


  • Adam Kukuc –  Group Insurance Manager, Reckitt
  • David Thomas – Head of Sales, EMEA & APAC, Ventiv Technology
  • Angus Rhodes – Global Product Manager, Ventiv Technology

To watch the recording of this webinar, click here

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