WEBINAR: Climate Change Resilience

What it takes

Risks associated with climate change are increasing in frequency and severity. Despite using better-adapted insurance solutions, businesses face a growing need for a more comprehensive approach to resilience, relevant to the changing environments in which they operate, and which ensures they are prepared for the future. To meet this growing challenge businesses are realising the need to develop more sophisticated resilience measures to reduce the impact of the environment on their operations.

This webinar looked at out how a Climate Change Resilience Plan can help cover both the physical and transition risks that can protect your business’ future.

Moderator: Adrian Ladbury, Head of Content, Commercial Risk
Panellist: David Bresch, Professor for Weather and Climate Risks at ETH Zurich
Panellist: Amar Rahman, Head of Climate Change Resilience Services, Zurich Resilience Solutions, Commercial Insurance, Zurich Insurance Group

Watch the webinar on-demand here


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