GVNW Special: The time is now for risk and insurance management

Welcome to our special report on the top news from the GVNW’s annual Symposium, held on a virtual basis on 9-10 September, along with other leading news from the Germany and wider DACH region.

This year’s event, while sadly again not in-person because of the continued threat of Covid-19, was another big success for the GVNW.

It brought together leading figures from across the risk and insurance sector and wider business community to address the big topics that really matter to GVNW members, including the coming renewals, how to deal with future systemic risks and of course, the implications of the recent catastrophic flooding in Germany.

The role of risk and insurance management has never been more important than now and that is particularly true in the German-speaking market, which appear to be at the forefront of today’s risk frontiers.

As AIG CEO Peter Zaffino pointed out in his address, Germany’s risk and insurance management community is one of the most sophisticated in the world.

For this reason, it also has a responsibility to challenge the insurance market and wider political, regulatory and legal community to work constructively together to find solutions and build a more resilient and sustainable economy and wider community for the benefit of all.

The significance of this moment in time and the leading role played by the GVNW and its members is also the main reason why we at Commercial Risk have invested to bring you regular coverage of the critical DACH market in the German language.

This service is free for all GVNW risk and insurance manager members, so please do sign up to receive the news and analysis that matters to you.

Enjoy the read and, as ever, please do feel free to contact me with any thoughts or responses.

Adrian Ladbury
Editorial director
Commercial Risk

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