GVNW to focus on risk management and sustainability with photovoltaic energy

The German association of risk and insurance managers, the GVNW, will host a virtual event on photovoltaic systems on 8 July.

The event will examine different aspects of photovoltaics – which are solar panels used to generate electricity – to gauge, in particular, how their insurability is developing.

Alexander Thoma and Meike Horst from Basler Sachversicherungs AG, the Bad Homburg-based part of the Swiss Baloise group, will share their experiences from the technical and underwriting side of the business.

The challenge is to combine sustainable energy provision with the sustainable (in business terms) operation of photovoltaic systems. Insurance is a key consideration because it can be relatively expensive compared to other forms of energy provision because of, for example, extreme weather events or paucity of data.

Risk management is, of course, integral to effective underwriting. Philip Brandl, head of risk engineering services EMEA at Swiss Re Corporate Solutions, will provide some professional insights from a risk management perspective.

The continued rise of photovoltaics in Germany is assured. Solar power in the country consists almost exclusively of photovoltaics and is a major national source of renewable energy.

Moreover, the official governmental goal is to continuously increase renewables’ contribution to the country’s overall electricity consumption. The long-term minimum targets are 35% by 2020, 50% by 2030 and 80% by 2050.

That presents a major business opportunity for insurers. Comprehensive and targeted risk coverage based on reliable data and complemented by sophisticated risk management will be key to exploiting that opportunity.

The event will also feature other guest speakers sharing their experiences of operating photovoltaic systems. For example, there will be a case study featuring a plant fire department presented by Uwe Theismann, head of the fire brigade business unit at Miele & Cie KG.

Moritz Nüsperling, managing director of claims assessors Nüsperling GmbH and Co KG, will also give a detailed account of claims and claims processing in relation to photovoltaic systems.

Online registration is open now on the GVNW website here.

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