New head of Generali Employee Benefits

Generali has announced a number of key appointments at Generali Employee Benefits (GEB) and its global business lines unit.

Ludovic Bayard has been appointed CEO of GEB. He was formerly general manager, GEB. Bayard is also the legal representative of Assicurazioni Generali in Luxembourg, with the responsibility to oversee the overall Luxembourg branch activities, subject to approval by the local regulator.

Sesana said: “With more than 20 years in the Generali Group – of which more than ten at GEB – Ludovic starts a new chapter aware of the many assets he can leverage on, from the history and experience of a strong international group to a powerful and well-recognised brand, to a best-in-class network partners.”

Paolo Ribotta, former CEO of GEB, who joined Generali in 2012 to set up and run Generali Global Corporate & Commercial (Generali GC&C), is to pursue other professional opportunities, according to the insurer.

The insurer has also appointed Giulia Raffo, formerly group head of investor and rating agency relations, as chief financial officer of Generali country Italy and global business lines. Raffo also assumes the role of chief financial officer of Generali Italia, as well as the role of managing director of the administration area at Generali Business Solutions. Raffo takes over from Cristina Morgan, who retires after more than 30 years at Generali.

Generali has also appointed Manlio Lostuzzi, CEO of Generali GC&C, as head of global business lines insurance technical coordination, with the responsibility to steer and monitor Generali global business lines’ technical performance. Lostuzzi keeps his role as CEO of Generali GC&C.

Marco Sesana, country manager and CEO of Generali Italia and global business lines, said: “I firmly believe that these appointments will further enable us to serve our clients at the highest level. I would like to welcome Giulia to country Italy and global business lines, confident that she will contribute significantly to the achievement of our profitable growth targets. I would also like to thank Manlio for having accepted an expanded role – proof of our ambition to always pursue technical excellence.”

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