Parima Conference returns as in-person event in Singapore

The Pan-Asia Risk and Insurance Management Association (Parima) is holding its annual conference in-person in Singapore on 7-10 November, after a two-year absence because of the pandemic. The theme of the conference is ‘collective resilience’.

The conference will be a hybrid event, with the in-person conference in Singapore complimented with digital platforms hosted by Parima, starting with a series of sessions focusing on risk and insurance issues in China, India, Japan, Malaysia, Philippines and Thailand.

“Parima Resilience Week 2022 Duo Edition will feature a return to our physical conference in Singapore and virtual sessions catering to the needs of risk managers by region as we #GoLocal2022,” said the association.

The Parima Conference – Resilience Week 2022 will look specifically at how corporations, societies and governments need to work together to boost resilience against key risks. “This year’s theme is ‘collective resilience’, with the intent to promote mutual exchange of knowledge and collaborative action in the risk community as we continue to adapt to this ever-changing environment,” Parima said.

It added: “The pandemic, its domino effect on digitalisation, the increasing intensity and frequency of natural disasters attributed to climate change, and their impacts on businesses globally, have put a spotlight on how interrelated risks are.”

The conference will feature keynote sessions on climate change, geopolitics, the state of the insurance market, parametric insurance, cyber risks, mental wellness, employee benefits financing, captive insurance and megatrends.

The conference also hosts a c-suite panel discussion with Anne Corona, chief executive officer, Asia-Pacific, Aon; Mark Louie Gomez, vice-president – risk and organisational performance management, Aboitiz Power; and Franck Baron, chairman, Parima.

Keynote speakers at the event will include Tulsi Naidu, chief executive officer, Asia-Pacific, Zurich Insurance Group; Reginald Peacock, chief executive officer, Singapore branches and head of commercial insurance Asia, Zurich Insurance Company; and Steve Tunstall, general secretary, Parima.

Breakout sessions at the conference include:

  • From egg to onion: food-based similes for the explanation of resilience
  • Keeping supply chains anchored amid geopolitical uncertainty
  • Building workplace and mental resilience
  • Weathering the storm with parametric solutions
  • Employee benefits financing
  • Captive-ating Asia: onwards and upwards.

The conference also examines ‘Inflation risk: imperatives for businesses in Asia’, and hosts a risk manager panel discussion with Suchitra Narayanan, senior vice-president, risk manage-ment, Lazada Group, and Kelvin Wu, head of insurance, Weybourne Holdings.

The virtual conference involves country focus sessions on Japan, India, Thailand and Philippines on day one (7 November); and China and Malaysia on day two (8 November).

The Parima Conference will be held at Suntec City Convention Center on 10 November and will be complemented by six country-focus virtual sessions on 7-8 November.

Visit to keep updated on the agenda and register for the event.

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