Rims’ Riskworld celebrates risk professionals ‘rising to the challenge’

First in-person Rims conference since 2019

It has been a long while since US risk managers have been able to physically get together and discuss topics and learn from experts, which perhaps explains why more than 7,600 risk professionals attended the Rims annual conference (now known as Riskworld) in San Francisco. The last in-person conference was held three years ago.

Covid-19 put paid to the conference in 2020 and 2021. But it came back with a bang and there was a celebratory mood from the start, opening with Pitbull’s Celebrate, and seeing former Rims presidents take to the stage to Katrina and the Waves’ Walking on Sunshine.

The pandemic gave risk professionals the chance to shine, according to Laura Langone, Rims 2020 president. Speaking at the opening of the 2022 conference, she said: “The challenges we faced since 2020 have been unprecedented for all of us. But here we are, and we are more resilient than ever. We made it through because this community is strong.”

She continued: “This challenge of a lifetime dared us to be different. But we rose to the occasion and showed our ability to adapt, support change and drive innovation. Although the pandemic forced us to be further apart physically, I’ve never felt closer to this profession.”

She added: “Risk management has never felt so valued and it is up to us to ensure our voices are heard at the highest levels of the organisation and at board level. This is our time.” She said this year’s conference was filled with ideas, solutions and connections for risk professionals, to keep the “awesome momentum going”.

Mary Roth, chief executive officer, who is retiring after 18 years as Rims CEO, and nearly 37 years working for the society, took to the stage to the rousing soundtrack of Proud Mary by Tina Turner.

“Over the past couple of years, risk professionals were put to the test and sadly it seems the world is testing us all again,” she said. “The events unfolding in Ukraine are heart-wrenching. Rims is proud of the action that so many of our partners have taken. And we too stand in solidarity with this fight for freedom and peace.”

She added: “The vulnerability and uncertainty in this world never cease to end. But risk professionals rose to the challenge before and I know you will do it again.”

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