Risk Leaders: Alexander Mahnke, Chairman of GVNW

An Adrian Ladbury Interview

Commercial Risk’s Adrian Ladbury interviews Alexander Mahnke, the chairman of German risk management association GVNW, in the run up to the GVNW Symposium in September 2021. As well as looking at how risk managers have fared over the last year and a half during the pandemic, Alexander talks about how new working practices have developed and how important it will be to resume the in-person meeting in some capacity going forward.

Lobbying for Public/Private Partnerships continues to be on the agenda for GVNW this year, ideally expanding to include other emergencies such as cyber and natural catastrophes as well as pandemics. Alexander also gives his thoughts on capacity and whether it’s currently fit for purpose, what insurers need to do to make the renewals better for risk managers next time around, and how he sees the hard/soft market cycle developing.

Finally, sustainability is the theme of the GVNW Symposium this year. He sees ESG as both an opportunity as well as a challenge, and will be interested to see how insurers raise their game to meet the increasing demands of a more environmentally astute client base.

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