Risk management community mourns Gilbert Canameras

The French, European and international risk management community is mourning the passing of Gilbert Canameras, former president of Amrae, founder and leader of Club FrancoRisk and secretary general of Ferma.

The Commercial Risk team first encountered Gilbert when he took over at Amrae from the also sadly departed Gerard Lancner back in 2011. Gerard had been a great friend and supporter of Commercial Risk since launch and we were not sure what to expect next.

As it turned out, despite the ever-growing workload and activity at Amrae, as it went from strength to strength, Gilbert was an equally willing and generous supporter, always ready to share his knowledge and ideas and spread the word of professional risk and insurance management.

After stepping down as president of Amrae, Gilbert threw much of his time and effort into his role as secretary general of Ferma, and helping to foster the development of risk and insurance management in the French-speaking nations of Africa through the Club FrancoRisk.

The success of this club is clearly shown by the willing and enthusiastic participation of ever-rising numbers of African delegates at the annual Amrae Rendez-Vous.

The Deauville event is the biggest national risk and insurance management event in Europe, and Gilbert’s role in helping to further grow this key annual meeting cannot be underestimated.

“Gilbert had a passion for the company and its development. Joining the community of risk managers late in life, he strengthened the scientific vision of Amrae through his legal and financial skills, while bringing it closer to the issues of governance and managers,” said Brigitte Bouquot, who succeeded him as president of Amrae.

“Through his commitment to Ferma and the FrancoRisk club, he expressed great ambition for the role of France in risk management in economic development, thus making Amrae shine at the political level. Curious and attentive, he loved people deeply, and knew how to welcome them to the Association and guide them faithfully,” she added.

Ferma, which Gilbert served from 2015 to 2019, was swift to pay tribute, stating that he left a “lasting impact on our organisation and the entire risk management community.”

The federation said that, as an exceptional leader, Gilbert was committed to advancing the field of risk management. His contributions as president of Amrae, secretary general of Ferma, and founder of Club Francophone will be remembered with great respect and admiration, added the federation.

“Gilbert joined Ferma during a period of significant administrative challenges, under the presidency of Jo Willaert. At a crucial time when Ferma lacked a secretary general, Gilbert graciously agreed to serve in this role, bringing his leadership and expertise to guide us through a period of transition,” it said.

“During his four-year tenure, Gilbert brought to Ferma sound administration, innovative ideas, strategic thinking, and efforts to increase the credibility and visibility of Ferma and the European risk management community,” added the federation.

Charlotte Hedemark, current president of Ferma, said: “We are deeply saddened by the loss of Gilbert Canameras. His unwavering dedication and leadership profoundly shaped Ferma and the risk management community. Gilbert’s passing leaves a void that will be felt by all who knew him. His legacy of commitment and service will continue to inspire us. Our heartfelt condolences go out to his family and loved ones during this difficult time.”

Typhaine Beaupérin, Ferma CEO, added: “Gilbert was a man of conviction and passion, whose love for people and remarkable ability to bring them together set him apart. He and Jo Willaert shared the same vision for the future of the risk management profession, which enabled them to provide clear direction for Ferma’s actions. For me personally, Gilbert was a quiet strength — an Obi-Wan Kenobi who guided, motivated, inspired and supported me from the moment I joined Ferma. The four incredible years we worked hand in hand, alongside Jo, will forever remain a treasured memory.”

Gilbert, who always welcomed one with a big, genuine smile, will be sorely missed.

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