Sompo CEO publishes Samurai manifesto

Sompo’s chief executive Kengo Sakurada is urging business leaders around the world to reconsider their priorities in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic.

In a new book, Bushido Capitalism: The Code to Redefine Business for a Sustainable Future, Mr Sakurada defines the pre-pandemic decades as the ‘Great Acceleration’, culminating in a climate emergency and a health crisis happening at a time of socioeconomic inequality.

Meanwhile, even though technology facilitates constant connection, communication and easy transatlantic travel, it challenges our mental health, the CEO warns: “I wrote Bushido Capitalism as a manifesto and guide for business leaders – in every industry, in every country – as we grapple with the challenges presented by the Great Acceleration.”

Bushido, the ancient values of the Samurai, have long been enshrined in Japanese culture but are rarely referenced in the West.

“Using Bushido as a roadmap, my book provides practical advice on how we might intelligently design businesses to operate in a sustainable, human-centric way, with all stakeholders’ interests in mind,” Mr Sukurada says.

He argues that if we use technology with wisdom and understand data as a precious commodity, we can leverage it to tackle climate change and improve the quality of life for citizens everywhere.

He encourages collaboration over competition: “You are cordially invited to join me as we transition from a period of acceleration to a period of reflection and, eventually, to a period of reinvention. We are privileged to be leaders at this poignant moment in history. What we choose to do now has the potential to inform a fairer society and more sustainable world.”

Bushido Capitalism: The Code to Redefine Business for a Sustainable Future, LID Publishing. ISBN: 978-1-911-671-58-9

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