Zurich to help its suppliers transition to net zero

Zurich Insurance Group is to provide climate training materials for its suppliers to help them decarbonise their operations, and is teaming up with carbon accounting firm Normative to offer free access to its business carbon calculator.

Zurich said the moves reflect its ambition to become a net-zero emissions business and to “cascade climate action across the supply chain”. The moves will help suppliers understand Zurich’s goals, calculate their carbon footprint, and obtain a blueprint of practical steps they can take on their own journeys to net-zero operations, said the insurer.

“This initiative demonstrates Zurich’s commitment to emissions reduction throughout the value chain and illustrates how we use our expertise and resources to support others to transition to the net-zero economy,” said Linda Freiner, group head of sustainability.

According to Normative, its business carbon calculator works best for small- and medium-sized businesses operating in a single country. Larger companies can work with Normative paid carbon accounting and climate strategy services, and Zurich has negotiated discounted fees for any of its suppliers who choose to work with Normative.

“The first step to reducing emissions is calculating them. By providing access to the business carbon calculator, Zurich is empowering its suppliers – especially SMEs – to accelerate the transition to more sustainable business practices,” said Normative CEO Kristian Rönn.

Zurich said it is one of only five insurance companies to be recognised with supply chain engagement leader status by CDP, the not-for-profit charity that runs the global disclosure system for individuals and organisations to manage their environmental impacts. Zurich added that it aims for 75% of its managed procurement spend to be with suppliers that have science-based emission reduction targets by 2025 and net-zero targets by 2030.




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