WEBINAR: Mastering cyber resilience

Proactive risk management

With cyber threats escalating and almost 70% of customers surveyed by Moody’s RMS expecting cyber to see the most opportunity in the next 3-5 years, it’s clear that understanding this area is crucial. However, finding the right approach to managing cyber risk across underwriting and Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) can be difficult due to the ever-changing threats and a need for clear insights.

In this webinar, our experts discussed why cyber risk demands a distinct approach compared to other lines of business. They explore the concept of systemic cyber risk, showing how a single event can have broad, significant impacts, and delve into how the insurance market assesses cyber exposure. This on demand recording will help you gain clear, actionable insights, enhancing your understanding and approach to cyber risk in today’s competitive digital environment.


Aaron Aanenson, Senior Director Cyber Insurance, Thought Leader, BitSight
Bethany Vohlers, Model & Product Specialist, Moody’s RMS
Nik Pratt, Special Projects Editor, Commercial Risk

To watch the recording of this webinar, click here.


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