The role and potential value offered by brokers has arguably never been greater for corporate risk and insurance managers in Europe as they struggle to cope with fast rising systemic risks within a highly uncertain political, economic and financial environment, as well as a challenging insurance market in terms of capacity and exclusions in key lines.

Europe’s risk and insurance managers need high quality, independent advice from their brokers as their carriers demand ever higher levels of information using an imperfect renewal system that still has not adapted to the digital age. They also need expert advice and services that provide key assistance with risk identification, measurement and management and post-event assistance in challenging areas such as cyber.

For this reason, Commercial Risk Europe has partnered with insurance solutions innovator Xceedance to carry out its third survey of Europe’s leading brokers that will help our readers understand what their brokers can do to really help them through this challenging period, what they have to offer and how best to work with them.

We are asking all brokers to complete this short online questionnaire which addresses the core issues facing the market. Your contribution to the definitive report on the strategies, challenges, technology and services available to risk managers will be critical.

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