HDI Group to restructure in Germany

Germany’s HDI Group is to simplify its operational structure as part of an effort to speed up digitalisation across its operations. The 21 companies in the Talanx-owned primary insurance group in Germany will almost halve.

The number of local businesses will also be reduced, without site closings, downsizing or relocations, Talanx said in a statement. In the spring of 2022, the approximately 7,650 employees of the previous collective-bargaining companies are to be brought together in a new, also collective-bargaining employer company called HDI AG.

“It is imperative to streamline our structures so that we can react dynamically as a company to the requirements of an increasingly digitalised, complex and unstable environment. We are becoming faster, more flexible and therefore more effective compared to the competition, and at the same time we are better positioned for our customers,” said Talanx CEO Torsten Leue.

“Thanks to leaner operating structures, we will in future be able to reach uniform group-wide decisions more quickly on operational issues such as the implementation of Germany-wide projects. So, a lot will change in our processes and that is a huge advantage,” added Jens Warkentin, spokesman for the board of directors of HDI Service AG and board member of HDI Deutschland AG.

Group employee council chairman Ralf Rieger said: “The works council’s rights to participate in changes to company structures are limited. However, because nothing material has changed for our colleagues, we support the change in today’s operational structures.”

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