Construction Risk Management 2022: Preventing and mitigating project risk with reality capture

Risk in the construction sector will be more easily identifiable, and even predicted, with the emergence of the built environment digital twin. This digital twin has key component parts and in this session we look at one of the most impactful pieces of the digital twin – reality capture. Learn about the reality capture component of the digital twin and how it could (and is) creating positive risk outcomes for the construction stakeholders bearing the lion’s share of project risk – contractors and insurers.

David Bowcott, Chief Commercial Officer Global Construction and Infrastructure Group, Aon
Tim Chapman, CEO, London Engineering Group (LEG)
Nathalie Vandenbroucke, Risk Insurance and Compliance Manager, Eiffage Benelux
S. Michael Williams, Insurance Strategy & Business Development, OpenSpace

To watch the video of this session, click here
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