CONFERENCE: ESG Insight and Intelligence 2024

Managing sustainability risks

Commercial Risk’s brand new ESG Insight & Intelligence 2024 Conference will bring together senior risk leaders and their colleagues from sustainability, compliance, finance and governance departments from Europe, as well as insurers, brokers and other service industry firms. This first-of-its-kind full day of debate and analysis will examine the European regulatory demands associated with ESG, and look at the impact on the corporate risk profile, the litigation risk, how these risks can be managed more effectively, and drill down on the increasing demands and disclosures placed upon insurance buyers by insurance carriers.

Above all it will look at how risk professionals can use the focus on ESG to take a key coordinating role and use the opportunity to raise their profile within their organisations.

As well as risk and insurance managers, this conference will also be of value for people with roles in compliance, sustainability, finance, strategic planning, ESG and governance & reporting.

We invite you to join us in London on Wednesday 26 June 2024. 

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