Global Programmes Conference 2022

Managing global programmes in a changing world

After a couple of tumultuous years, we have all learned to be adaptable and to cope with fast changing environments. Looking ahead, it is clear some things will have changed for ever, others are in a state of flux and just a few things will remain the same as ever.

This two-day, hybrid conference took place on 15-16th June and considered what living with change will look like in the context of global programmes. It will cover issues such as supply chain vulnerability, flexible working, acceleration of digitalisation, higher taxation, growing inflation, greater protectionism and, undoubtedly, ESG.

Thanks to everyone who took part!


  • Living with change: brave new world How the macro environment is shaping the industry, and why international insurance programmes are crucial in this environment
  • Lessons learned How issues arising from the last two years have impacted global insurance programmes. How the sector might move forward in the face of future threats, including climate change. Also examining the increasing need to follow ESG principles.
  • Claims management: mind the gap Looking at stimulus packages – threats and opportunities, including threat of increased claims. How can insureds be sure their claims will be paid on time? The need for up-to-date claims information.
  • State of the market: how to secure the best deal in a hard market  Is the market softening at all? What can risk managers expect over the coming year.
  • Integrating employee benefits: How can EB programmes be successfully integrated into global insurance programmes? How pools, captives and the insurance sector can work together.
  • Global program digitalisation – let’s connect Digitalisation and data collaboration in the global programmes space
  • Live as a risk manager in a country at war Joining us live from Kyiv, a risk manager of a renewables company tells us how the war has changed his working life and his approach to risk management.
  • Changing risk landscape: the outlook: How growing political tensions and political unrest, as well as supply chain disruption and increasing reliance on technology will affect global programmes. How much is insurable?
  • A new world for tax and regulation: Looking at the implication of higher taxation, growing inflation and greater protectionism on insurance for multinational exposures.
  • Establishing a global programme – the value of embedding a digital journey Exploring the necessary steps for moving from national to global insurance programmes.
  • A level playing field – how to ensure uniformity of cover How can risk managers ensure a level of uniformity of coverage, avoiding gaps and getting the best terms and conditions?
  • Retentions on the up: Has a captive become a necessary part of a global programme? Cell captives and virtual captives versus traditional single-parent captives.
  • Workshops: Streamlining the complexity of global programmes: the Holy Grail? | How your marine programme needs to adapt in today’s disrupted world | Take Cover! All you always wanted to know about political violence (but were afraid to ask) | A&H – Addressing Risks & Opportunities in Global Mobility

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