CONFERENCE: Global Programmes Europe

Extracting maximum value from your global programme

How can you ensure that your global insurance programme is performing to its full potential? And how can you make sure you get the best deal from the insurance market? This conference will show risk and insurance managers how to put together a global programme that adds value to their organisation, and provides full value for money.

In difficult times, with inflation, war, recession and increasing uncertainty in the world, it is more important than ever for multinationals to be fully prepared for the challenges that face them. And that means having a properly coordinated global programme, with no gaps in cover, certainty over claims payments, and a full understanding of the changing rules, regulations and taxes that impact cross-border coverage.

In a hard market, it is vital to be able to show that risks are being properly managed. The insurance market is increasingly differentiating between perceived good risks and poor risks, in terms of coverage, terms and conditions and pricing.

This conference examined all of these important issues, with the aim of ensuring that your global programme is providing the maximum value in these challenging times.

To view the on-demand recordings from this event, click here.


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