Risk Frontiers Benelux conference

ESG at the heart of risk management

Despite the huge challenges presented by Covid-19, supply chain shocks and Russia’s invasion of the Ukraine ESG continues to rise up the corporate agenda.

No serious organisation can expect to maintain its reputation and attract and retain both new, young talent and investment in today’s environment without having a credible ESG strategy. If the company does not fully appreciate the need for a serious ESG approach then a fast-rising body of European and international rules and regulations will make sure they do.

The risk and insurance management community in the Benelux region has been thrust centre stage by the pandemic and subsequent economic, political and financial turmoil, just as it has across Europe and worldwide.

Demands from insurers for ESG detail on renewal is fast-rising and the need for corporations to ensure that they are working with carriers and brokers that have the right ESG credentials means that even those firmly focused on insurance buying alone cannot ignore this new force in the business world.

This event took place on 29 November 2022 in Antwerp, Belgium. Thanks to our speakers, delegates, event partners and to BELRIM and NARIM for their support.


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