WEBINAR: Climate litigation: the threat to corporates and D&Os

Climate litigation has been around for some time but has largely focused on activists taking action against governments with the aim of forcing a change in climate strategy. But the focus may be shifting to corporates with claims relating to emissions targets, greenwashing and transition costs. Activists’ moves to target corporates directly is already impacting companies’ reputation. And directors could start to find themselves in the firing line, not just from activists but from shareholders and others, with climate claims being made against fiduciaries for investment decisions, disclosures or climate risk management.

  • How real is the threat of climate litigation?
  • What are the risks faced by corporates and their D&Os? Where is the litigation threat coming from?
  • Is there likely to be a significant increase in regulatory and shareholder pressure on companies and their D&Os from climate risk?
  • What about climate-related human rights litigation?
  • How can this risk be managed/mitigated?
  • What protection does D&O insurance cover provide?

James Cooper, Chair of the Global Insurance Practice Group & Head of Financial Institutions and D&O, Clyde & Co
Graham Ludlam, Partner, DAC Beachcroft
Tom Thornberry, Group Chief Claims Officer, Zurich Insurance Company

Click here to watch the webinar recording.


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