WEBINAR: Closing the loop on risk management: using data to drive intelligence and collaboration

Charles Longridge, Director Sales & Global Partnerships, Riskonnect and Jonathan Newbery, Head of Digital Experience, Zurich Commercial Insurance talk to Commercial Risk’s Liz Booth about how to embrace a single view of risk using collaborative technology.

Watch this excellent webinar and find out more on topics such as the data security impacts of digitalising data and the risks of API, issues arising over ‘ownership’ of data, how to overcome the lack of a defined data standard in the commercial insurance industry and what can be done to accelerate the process.

Moderator: Liz Booth, Special Projects Editor, Commercial Risk
Panellist: Jonathan Newbery, Head of Digital Experience, Commercial Insurance, Zurich Insurance Company
Panellist: Charles Longridge, Director, Sales and Global Partnerships, Riskonnect

Watch the webinar here


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