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How can Risk and HR better collaborate to build business resilience?

In the current economic environment of rising inflation and a persisting pandemic, it is more critical than ever for organisations to manage their people risks. But the consequences of getting this wrong are significant, as evidenced by Mercer Marsh Benefits People Risk 2022 research, where ESG has been gaining traction and businesses are facing new supply chain and talent threats.

With challenges in attracting and retaining the right skilled talent at an all-time high, organisations are under pressure from customers and employees to address inequalities, remove disparities and prepare for the future. However, diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) ranked just 17th out of 25 risks facing employers – dropping significantly since last year. This is a huge cause for concern, with low wage earners, women, minority and other vulnerable populations most impacted.

The worry is that DEI is viewed as an issue that was important – but has now been dealt with. Responsible employers need to recognise that their duty to employees extends well beyond a living wage and ensure that DEI remains a core strategic priority.

However, organisations are struggling to define who is responsible for owning mitigation efforts around their people risks, leading to gaps in adequately addressing threats. HR, risk managers and C-suite must work closely together to ensure that these exposures are identified, evaluated, and managed appropriately.

To listen to our experts discuss the associated threats, risks and steps HR and risk can take together to address them, click here

Martin Drux, Multinational Leader, Marsh Continental Europe
Matt Duffy, MMB Multinational Commercial Leader, Mercer Marsh Benefits
Sabrina Hartusch, Global Head of Insurance, Triumph and President, SIRM
Issiah Sakhabuth, Chair, IEBA

Liz Booth, Commercial Risk

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