Moody’s ESG Investment Data and Analytics report

Get the tools and data to quantify climate risk

You’re under increasing pressure from regulators and stakeholders to quantify your climate risk. But relatively few solutions on the market can deliver the environmental, social, and governance (ESG) data, scoring, and analytics you need to manage your investments wisely.

Chartis recently assessed climate risk and data analytics solutions to determine their effectiveness in meeting the needs of organisations like yours. The Chartis RiskTech Quadrant® placed Moody’s in its Category Leaders quadrant. Find out more about this award in a new report available to download.

You’ll discover:

  • Three essential steps in building a climate risk management programme
  • Six key challenges in qualifying and quantifying climate risk
  • The overall strengths and weaknesses of today’s climate data vendors
  • Key takeaways and opportunities for your business.

Find out why Chartis named Moody’s a Category Leader – download your copy of Moody’s ESG Investment Data and Analytics report now.

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