Risk Leaders: Dirk Wegener, Ferma president

Dirk Wegener, president of Ferma, talks exclusively to Adrian Ladbury ahead of the Ferma Forum. ‘Transitioning Together’ is the theme and seems hugely appropriate after the past few years. Among many other subjects, they discuss:

  • What have risk managers had to do to successfully adapt to the current hard market, in terms of dealing with the decreased capacity and increase in premiums and exclusions?
  • Is the hard market justified?
  • What other options are available to manage risk and what is the best way to handle the protection gap?
  • Has the momentum shifted away from the focus on private-public partnership, following on from the pandemic?
  • Is the ELD fit for purpose? Does it need updating?
  • Is the gap widening between insurance managers and risk managers?
  • What other options are available to manage risk? How can captives continue to be promoted as an effective tool for risk management?

Listen to this wide-ranging conversation to find out more.

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