Zurich NA and Deloitte to offer cyber combination

Zurich North America is to cooperate with consultants Deloitte on providing cyber risk mitigation and transfer services to businesses in the US.

Deloitte and Zurich said in a statement that companies that identify the multitude of possible cyber risks and have a tested action plan in place can be more resilient, and can more efficiently get back to meeting the expectations of their customers.

Businesses carrying Zurich’s Security & Privacy insurance coverage will now be able to complement the coverage with a menu of pre-breach cyber risk assessment and management services through Deloitte to assist them in understanding their level of cyber exposure and resilience.

The services include standards-based risk assessment of an organisation’s threat detection and incident response capabilities, as well as risk mitigation recommendations for customers.

Deloitte and Zurich expect to work together on additional joint capabilities to be phased-in as the cyber insurance market keeps evolving.

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